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Memorial Service
Wedding Ceremony
I pride myself on take care of my clients and maintaining high quality services that are personalized for your unique needs. I am avaliable 7 days a week to help make your life event perfect and centered around your values and beliefs.

We provide a variety of services including, but not limited to:
Memorial Services are often difficult for clients.  I am here to help guide you through this trying time.  I will create a unique and meaningful ceremony that will mark and celebrate the life of a particular person.  I make sure to adhere to the wishes of those who are remembering them.  Although each service is tailored to your specifications, here are some ideas that other clients have used in their services; Words of welcome, Thoughts on life and death from 
a non-religious perspective, A tribute to the life and personality 
of the person who has died, A few moments for private thought or moment of silence, and Closing words.
Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love and commitment.  This is an event that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.  My goal is to make this event as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.  I will create a ceremony that is catered to your personal vision, desire, and values.  Also, included in the the wedding package is a written transcript of the ceremony that will be placed in a booklet that you can add to your mementos of this occasion.  Addition information about marriage licences is provided at the bottom of the page.*
If you have any question concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. I will be happy to help you in any way that I can.
  Fees for Service

  Life Event : $225.00
  Rehearsal for Event (not Required) : $75

 *Fees may be negotiable depending on the type of event and the amount of time dedicated to preparation for    event. I understand the importance of these events and would be honored to be a part of it; therefore, I am        willing to work with you on the price.
Other Life Cycle Events
Baby-Naming's are a joyous occasion.  I will help you to create a unique ceremony for your particular family and your circumstances.  I will guide you though the various options and together, we can create a perfect experience.  I feel that it is important to talk about the significance of parenting and family as a whole.  Also, it is great to provide information (their arrival, personality, interests thus far) about the child as well as the reasoning behind the choice of their name.  Overall, I am here to help create a memorable experience.
*Marriage Licence Information

  • A California "public" marriage license is the type most couples apply for. It is valid for 90 days from the issuance date. It may be obtained at the Clerk of Court's office in any California county and used statewide. In some countries, special appointed notaries may also issue "public" marriage licences. 
  • Cost caries by county, typically about $90. Call ahead to verify acceptable payment form.
  • You must both be at least 18 years old. There is no residency requirement, no physical or blood test requirement, and no waiting perod for license to be issued. Your license can be used immediately.
  • You must BOTH be present to apply and have with you a valid government I.D. and proof of age. Again, it is preferable to call ahead and confirm what kinds of identification are acceptable to the county clerk or notary you will be working with to issue your license.
  • Aside from your minister or officiant, you must have at least one witness present at your marriage ceremony to sign your license. The "public" marriage license has space for two witnesses to sign if you prefer. There is no age requirement for marriage license witnesses in California, but they must be old enough to sign their name and to understand that they are witnessing a marriage ceremony.
  • The "public" marriage license is registered at the County Recorder's Office in the county where the license was purchased and is a public record. Anyone may obtain certified copies of your completed and registered marriage license. California "confidential" marriage license information..
  • ​A California "confidential" marriage license is much less common, but may be preferred in some instances. It is valid for 90 days form issuance date. But, unlike the "public" license, the "confidential" marriage license can be used only in the county that issued it.
  • You must both be at least 18 years old. But you must also be living together as spouses at the time you apply for the "confidential" marriage license and sign an affidavit on the license attesting to that fact. There is no residency requirement, no physical or blood test required, and no waiting period for license to be issued. Your license can be used immediately.
  • Aside from your minister or officiant, no witnesses are required to be at the ceremony, and no witnesses sign a "confidential" marriage license. The "confidential" marriage license is a private record and is registered at the County Clerk's Office in the county where it was purchased. Only the two of you may obtain certified copies of your completed and registered marriage license without presentation of a court order.